Contemporary Photographer


An Artist

Medical person in the past and mum for 2 boys.


about me:

I was in medical profession for 15 years, specialising in pain therapy, helping people to recover from physical pain. I think that is the reason why I am very comfortable with body inperfections and nudity.

Changed my profession to a contemporary photographer here in London, now helping people cross mental barriers - lack of confidents (body/mind), shyness, embarrassment and pre-consumtions, developed by ( parents, school, society, friends, age, illness, depression, death, addictions, pregnancy).

With becoming a freelance photographer health and wellness morals have stayed with me and so by using my camera as a therapeutic tool I can bring a lost sense of beauty and self-confidence, motivation and encouragement to those with fears and insecurities.

my father used to say, when I was a little girl:
- if you become an artist, you maybe be able to buy bread, but it will be never enough for the butter...

I photograph many erotic photography styles. Starting from sensual portraits for men, women and couples, including artistic nudes, glamour and Dudoir, dating portfolios, couple's boudoir, bridal boudoir, men's fitness photography, maternity and new Born photoshoots, Events and more..
My photography is in contemporary Genre, made in the moment and it is unique, just like everyone is, prices are negotiable and packages tailored individually by the service you require.


I would like to protect you from pain, but the truth is That I can't and probably it is too late now.

I still can reach you if you let me. I can show you the way where to Find that place Where you will feel confident and content, safe and happy again.

and together we can do it.

Human energy - that is a substance my art is made of. healing powers are preserved in every art peace. My art work made from people like you. It is not a painting but real photographs. later edited to stimulate your mind. Charged to reset your curent state by using  visual senses, colours, shapes. All set To program you brain for positive change.


why people think they are not photogenic?


Face analysis: 

left & right

Which face you like best?

 How you would look if you would be made from one side? Face asymmetry...