Sensual Couples Boudoir Photo Shoot

couples boudoir photography

Hello erotic photography lovers. This is very interesting topic for all of us, as it is about erotic nude photography. I must say with this subject it is easy to go over board and start shooting a porn scene.. And always depends on a couple you shoot and you, this is all about limits and how far you will allow your subjects to go..

I have a feeling that many people want to be very naughty, and want to be watched. They are looking for a new ways to stimulate their lives and express their sexuality.. Some are constantly searching for new hight and asking me about limits I have for intimate photographs and very personal sensual or explicit moments captured. Many of you are afraid to say it out laud, and be straight and usually going round in circles with silly questions, in the end going no where. Many are embarrassed to talk about sexual expressions and erotic content of the shoot and mostly interested in experience only. The biggest question is what to expect during erotic couple photo session? 

What I always think about all this is that it can not be only work at this point, and I would share this secret sexual experience with chosen couples, the right clientele and give them memories they can not forget..on the other hand maybe I would not forget:)) but always it is good to be professional at this point.

Being a medical person in the past does helps a lot, and plays a big part for me and for the couple as well.. imagine this, that during nudity and sensual scenes, you probably would feel uncomfortable, but because there is a doctor in the room it does change things and energy drastically.. it is like giving a birth when you do not concentrate on where the baby coming from, but about delivering a healthy child, so you would not be embarrassed at all.. You would see it in different level on what is happening and what must be done, and the new sensations and emotions would take place, and that is where you would feel the difference in that kind of experience.

In my past I get to witness nudity and see people undress for a quite a long time, you develop familiarity with the body and that person just feel that instantly, so for those who are feeling shy and insecure I have developed many methods during the glamour, boudoir and nude photo shoot. As these things as partial nude are the must and to be completed.

At this time It would be nice to share my experience and ideas about how to make those sexy and nudity involved images for singles and couples. And how not to be crushed by the blocking mechanism that stops any thought about going there.. maybe cos what the others will think, that it is dirty and leave that exciting idea in you heart as a challenge to your self, to create an amazing memories but at the same time feel dignified.

And stay with  sensual and intimate photography. But before we will go there, i must say i have many phone calls about couple erotic photography coming from guys. Also they all ask about how far they can go during the shoot?

I mean that is a very good question, right?- So what is appropriate and what is not when you want some juicy sexy shots? I mean my position is clear, as i say we can agree on what you want to do during your session as i have no limits in erotic photography. But what is interesting that then I get the question about me being involved not in photography, and then I say well this is a line i do not want to cross. And all end soon as they try to add me to a scene the game over for me.. So today we have male clients inquiring about erotic shoot, and some want to have erotic experience during erotic photoshoot with glamour photographer.. Imagine that..

Julia Winter