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Couples Boudoir Photography- Dudoir - Explicit -BDSM- Shoot- in London.

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The studio is able to facilitate a variety of sexual practices involving models, dominance and submission, role-playing and light restraints. We also provide erotic photography and video service.

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Turning 50 in ten months’ time and counting! One of the things I really wanted was some professional photos that I actually liked of myself, and wanted to leave as a legacy for when I’ve left the planet, which is getting forever nearer!!!  Then an opportunity presented itself on a once in a lifetime trip to Dubai that I couldn’t turn down!   Julia, a determined young woman with a warm commanding air about her, full of insight and inspiration was willing to take my photos.  

At the beginning of the photo shoot on the beach at the breathtaking One and only Royal Mirage Hotel, I felt extremely self-conscious (especially with the Beach Security Guard with a bird’s eye view behind me!) and if I’m honest a bit silly at my age.  However, by the end of the shoot, I felt on top of the world and ready to conquer.

This was purely down to photographer power to make you connect with your inner goddess and believe it! In fact, she has done more for my self-esteem in that relatively short time than many years of self-help books! Julia truly knows her stuff and the proof is in the photos. It was the best hour and a half I have spent in a long time. She said something would change after the shoot; and she was right, my perception of myself has altered in a positive way, happier and finally content with the body I’ve been given!!!

- by Carolyn Nickolls