Personalised Portraits In West London

Every image has a story, and it is one is about Tomash Hairdresser.. Something we need a fresh view, a new and different opinion. Cos i thought i know what i want and what i need. So I was looking for him for a long time.. -I need to change!!

He was the one who did amazing job on hair colour and cut, firstly i did not agree, but sometimes something what we like not necessarily looks good for us.

The story is about the cool guy, who made me feel and look good, so i thought i will do the same for him.. The next time i was going back to see him, I decided to make him some images, to boost his social media, and make him look good in return.. I realised that he was making people look beautiful and fresh, for sometime, and now was his turn..

No one took care of him, so I did..