Couple's Boudoir, Glamour, Dudoir Photography in London. Also covers Nudes, Fetish, BDSM and more...


Glamour Photography is one of our speciality services. We provide sensual photoshoot, couples boudoir photography, glamour photography and nudes. Dudoir and glamour shots,  also advice on glamour photography poses, boudoir photo shoot outfit ideas. 

We are able to facilitate a variety of erotic practices involving dominance and submission, role-playing and light restraints. We also provide erotic photography portraits featuring beautiful women and men performing in front of the camera.

Men boudoir photographer London, sensual photoshoots west London.

Men Fitness Photo Shoot


Here at JW photo studio we produce amazing photographs, sculpturing the body shots. Our fitness model photography and lighting is set up and tailored personally for you. We want you to look WOW like on the cover of the magazine. We will first make you feel relaxed and create a shooting plan, so it will smoothly covering all fitness photoshoot ideas.

Fitness photography lighting options here at JWS is essential, as we never shoot in the same light giving you always a variety shots to choose from.  Wist us you will feel at easy as you get with amazing professional photographer able to find a connection very fast and produce amazing powerful, stimulating and motivating imagery!

You also will get the taste of glamour photoshoot,- Dudoir style as open minded and we like it sexy too. So then your muscle fitness photo shoot will turn in to a  high end classy erotic portraits. You will feel exceptional and think much more about yourself, because it will be confident and a beautiful you and you will defiantly will set the example to the rest! 

In our private photo studio we work with nude and partial nude models, suggesting sexual appeal to the viewer, we frame it with props and accessories and shoot raw. We produce different genre fitness male photography, starting from erotic portrait, going into the man boudoir – Dudoir photography, adding a glamour twist to the picture to achieve amazing Hot Guy Collection imagery.

Julia Winter