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Couples Boudoir Photography- Dudoir - Explicit -BDSM- Shoot- in London.

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Couples Sensual Photo Shoot


Hello erotic photography lovers. This is very interesting topic for all of us, as it is about erotic nude photography. I must say with this genre it is easy to go over board and start shooting a explicit scene.. always depends on a couple you shoot and also about the limits, how far you will allow your subjects to go..

I have a feeling that many people want to be very naughty, and want to be watched. They are looking for a new ways to stimulate their lives and express their sexuality.. Some are constantly searching for new hight and asking me about limits I have for intimate photographs and very personal sensual or explicit moments captured.

Many of you are afraid to say it out laud, and be straight and usually going round in circles with silly questions, in the end going no where. Many are embarrassed to talk about sexual expressions and erotic content of the shoot and mostly interested in experience only. The biggest question is what to expect during erotic couple photo session? 


Julia Winter