The family story started in my studio is just one of the samples i am going to entroduce you to..Now maternity and a family images with bump shots a waiting. Also new born photography and more...I never thought she will get back to me so soon and then i was even more surprised as she was booking a family shoot and maternity images..This baby news made me very happy, i have asked her how far she was with her pregnancy? And she said she remebers when she had a valentine gift done. This was a studio shoot made as a gift to her boyfriend and now we are booking a family shoot. That day we had a sweet girl who never was in a studio before, she wanted something special and i just said lets make it look sexy..Now i would say why maternity images can not be sexy? Creating new and sensual at Juliawinterstudio bump shots with glamour twist.

Family with kids in the studio always creates loving atmosphere and that is where the memories come from. At JWStudio family photographer will capture best moments from Maternity shoot we will create together, to reflect perfect portrait image and bump shots sperenting the mood and atmosfere you will have on that day. When you feel your baby is growing fast you still need to wait till the week 25 and then get in touch with us about your Maternity collection. We will help you with dress choice and image ideas for your photo shoot. We will advice beautiful compositions adding your best colours, based on your wishes and expectations.

You put your life and time, creating your family. Your heart melts when you look at them and you feel very special and blessed at that moment. It is so amazing because they love you back and memories you will share stay with you forever. That is why we love to help you arrange as more memories and oportunities for the best family collection. The most important thing to show your kids that you are united. Only visualy they can understand but feel at the same time that love feeling coming from all the members of the family. This amazing moment in time we are here to serve you with our art work. As this last one thing will not be possible with out us. This thing you need to do for your family is all you need is a perfect family picture, gathering all together as one for a big personal and magical moment, making that picture unit sacred and your family even stronger.

For this special family portraiture occasion you will need to contact us directly, as JWStudio has a very good understanding about the family and children and the unconditional love. During preparation for your Family Photo Session in the studio we will suggest ideas for your memorable photo. Free consultation also available. The feeling and emotion will be exspressed through colours,touching and telling the story. We do groups and individual pictures. We have convenient location where is rear gardens scenery, so we are able to assit you on out door photography, also we have direct acsses to Themes river path.