Glamour Photography for personal use and what sells these days.

For personal collection you are most incline to choose the magazine glamour models look just because this is something what appears on many adverts, and thats what attract the eye. But there is far more to glamour photography then just posing and studio lighting. We must understand that all comes into one- like make up, styling, background or location, models experience and communication with the photographer, when camera reflects amazing glamour image. And every aspect of glamour photography should compliment one another in that shot and hings like make up artistry, clothing, accsesories and colour schemes- are in sync with each other.

Lighting plays a huge role in the look and feel of your glamour photography, but many photo experts convinced that perfect spot for the picture helps to express glamour style in strongest perspective, so they seek for this advantage to be present, they scouting for the best scenery locations to add as much visual appeal for their glamour shot. I believe every person is different and the glamour style should be presented individually to each of you and made exclusively for that moment.

Many adult businesses today change their way about glamour models but still support plastic faces. And when you look at the images displayed, you can see similarity, when glamour picture looses the meaning and the feeling just because it was made that way. Often location and facilities are overtaking the body expression and persons sexuality.

Being a large scale photographer working with art and fashion and exclusive projects i do not want to be part of the plastic clone industry, i am creating my own style of glamour pictures and my policy, where every shot will be made exclusively for you putting all the effort to reflect you best and produce adult art work in a beauty bussines industry, which will give you totally different results in your business carrier.

With my glamour photography shots you will be selective and more progressed with the clienteles niche you are aiming to attract, and that will mean more regulars and more business for you.

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