Couple's Boudoir, Glamour, Dudoir Photography in London. Also covers Nudes, Fetish, BDSM and more...


How I draw the line between ART & PHOTOGRAPHY:

Contemporary Art Projections

It started from the series of images exploring how people respond to various images. Initially, I employed a model to act out these ideas as I projected images on to her nude body at my home-based studio.

I started my journey from glamour photography and I wanted to explore this world in an art context.
As the project continued I experimented using different images on the model, firstly by projecting buildings onto her and she then responded to these images with her body through the shapes and frames.

The model asked for a man to be projected on to her and at this point, I realised it had become a collaboration between me and her. As the man was projected onto her body, she reacted through with more sensual and sexual poses.

I then responded to this as well as a photographer and began framing my shots more sexually and started seeing things more artistically.

I am ultimately was interested in how the model responded too these projections, how I responded as the photographer and now how you the viewer will respond.